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Pro-Sight Property Inspections will let you thrive in the inspection career that you want, and provide you the independence that you desire...

Inspectors focus on providing great home inspections, with detailed reports. While Pro-Sight Property Inspections brings in the inspections for you. We do the key marketing,

This inspector "partnership" is a great benefit for:

1. The experienced inspector who is currently self employed.

2. The inspector that is currently working for an inspection company, but wants better financial compensation.

3. The individual who wants to become a home inspector.

Why do this alone, or purchase an expensive franchise costing $25,000 to $50,000+

Pro-Sight Property Inspections® Inspector Network

Home Inspection Success




Pro-Sight Property Inspections® Inspector Network Membership just makes sense.

Current Inspectors, Are You Tired of Wearing Too Many "Hats"

You wear numerous hats when you are a one man inspection company, you need to be extremely motivated, and organized all the time. You must juggle your time between inspecting, doing reports, marketing, book keeping, and scheduling. Most inspectors just want to inspect, that is what they enjoy.

Do You Want A Career as a Home Inspector?

Getting the proper training and education is actually the easier part of becoming a home inspector. You must have an eye for detail, and understand that your education will never stop. Experience and eagerness to learn will further enhance your skills over time. But for most, it is the constant marketing, and other responsibilities of the inspection business that becomes the struggle.

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Pro-Sight Property Inspections Network Members are Committed to Superior Home Inspection Service:

Member inspectors provide customers with the knowledge needed to make an informed choice regarding both the pluses and minuses of the prospective home. Member home inspector's will address items which include, deferred maintenance items, minor and major defects, and safety issues. As a Pro-Sight member home inspector you will provide objective, non alarmist communication, with a detailed Pro-Sight proprietary home inspection report. Plus additional crucial information on the maintenance needs of the home. The inspection includes all the visually accessible systems and household components. The inspection is non-evasive, and includes areas such as the foundation, structure, exterior, grounds, roof, electric, plumbing, bathrooms, fireplace, heating, air-conditioning, thermostats, and interior. Pro-Sight always encourage the home buyers to be at the home inspection, this way you can conduct a thorough review with the buyer at the property.


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